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Le cannibalisme cellulaire par entose - Un nouveau mécanisme d’aneuploïdie tumorale

, New York 10065 , États-Unis ; BCMB Allied Program, Weill Cornell Medical College , 1300 York Avenue, New York 10065, États-Unis 1 Arnaud A. Mailleux , Matej Krajcovic, Michael Overholtzer au niveau

Stochastic Model of Integrin-Mediated Signaling and Adhesion Dynamics at the Leading Edges of Migrating Cells

Productive cell migration requires the spatiotemporal coordination of cell adhesion, membrane protrusion, and actomyosin-mediated contraction. Integrins, engaged by the extracellular matrix (ECM), nucleate the formation of adhesive contacts at the cell's leading edge(s), and maturation of nascent adhesions to form stable focal adhesions constitutes a functional switch between...