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WIMP dark matter through the dilaton portal

We study a model in which dark matter couples to the Standard Model through a dilaton of a sector with spontaneously broken approximate scale invariance. Scale invariance fixes the dilaton couplings to the Standard Model and dark matter fields, leaving three main free parameters: the symmetry breaking scale f, the dilaton mass m σ , and the dark matter mass m χ . We analyze the...

Playing tag with ANN: boosted top identification with pattern recognition

AbstractMany searches for physics beyond the Standard Model at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) rely on top tagging algorithms, which discriminate between boosted hadronic top quarks and the much more common jets initiated by light quarks and gluons. We note that the hadronic calorimeter (HCAL) effectively takes a “digital image” of each jet, with pixel intensities given by energy...