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Hamlet's Moment: Drama and Political Knowledge in Early Modern England / András Kiséry

By Matt Carter, Published on 05/28/18 ... of tantalizing possibilities. Matt Carter is a lecturer at The University of North Carolina Greensboro. His research explores the relationship between violence and language through the lens of early

Determining the gaps between Cochrane reviews and trials of effectiveness of interventions for acute respiratory infections: an audit

Cochrane primarily aims to systematically review trials of effectiveness that are important to inform clinical decisions. Editorial groups support authors to achieve high-quality reviews and prioritise review proposals in their clinical domain that are submitted or elicited. Prioritising proposals requires two approaches, identifying (1) clinical practises for which the evidence...

A comparison of the performance of seven key bibliographic databases in identifying all relevant systematic reviews of interventions for hypertension

Background Bibliographic databases are the primary resource for identifying systematic reviews of health care interventions. Reliable retrieval of systematic reviews depends on the scope of indexing used by database providers. Therefore, searching one database may be insufficient, but it is unclear how many need to be searched. We sought to evaluate the performance of seven major...

Better duplicate detection for systematic reviewers: evaluation of Systematic Review Assistant-Deduplication Module

Background A major problem arising from searching across bibliographic databases is the retrieval of duplicate citations. Removing such duplicates is an essential task to ensure systematic reviewers do not waste time screening the same citation multiple times. Although reference management software use algorithms to remove duplicate records, this is only partially successful and...