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Self-Assembly of Arbitrary Shapes Using RNAse Enzymes: Meeting the Kolmogorov Bound with Small Scale Factor (extended abstract)

) glues , Natural Computing 7 ( 2008 ), no. 3 , 347 - 370 . Erik D. Demaine , Matthew J. Patitz , Robert T. Schweller, and Scott M. Summers , Selfassembly of arbitrary shapes using rnase enzymes: Meeting ... Computing 39 ( 2010 ), no. 8 , 3521 - 3552 . David Doty , Matthew J. Patitz , Dustin Reishus, Robert T. Schweller, and Scott M. Summers , Strong fault-tolerance for self-assembly with fuzzy temperature

Two Hands Are Better Than One (up to constant factors): Self-Assembly In The 2HAM vs. aTAM

We study the difference between the standard seeded model (aTAM) of tile self-assembly, and the "seedless" two-handed model of tile self-assembly (2HAM). Most of our results suggest that the two-handed model is more powerful. In particular, we show how to simulate any seeded system with a two-handed system that is essentially just a constant factor larger. We exhibit finite...

Intrinsic Universality in Self-Assembly

, Matthew J. Patitz , Scott M. Summers , and Damien Woods, Random number selection in self-assembly , Proceedings of The Eighth International Conference on Unconventional Computation (Porta Delgada (Azores ... ) , Portugal, September 7 - 11 , 2009 ), 2009 . 6. David Doty , Matthew J. Patitz , and Scott M. Summers , Limitations of self-assembly at temperature 1 , Proceedings of The Fifteenth International Meeting on