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A putative lateral flagella of the cystic fibrosis pathogen Burkholderia dolosa regulates swimming motility and host cytokine production

with the electron microscopy. Conceptualization: Damien Roux, Deborah R. Yoder-Himes. Data curation: Deborah R. Yoder-Himes. Formal analysis: Damien Roux, Matthew Schaefers, Gregory Priebe, Deborah R ... . Yoder Himes. Investigation: Damien Roux, Bradley S. Clark, Molly Weatherholt, Diane Renaud, David Scott, Gregory Priebe, Deborah R. Yoder-Himes. Methodology: Damien Roux, Matthew Schaefers, Molly

The Differential Effects of Anesthetics on Bacterial Behaviors

Volatile anesthetics have been in clinical use for a long period of time and are considered to be promiscuous by presumably interacting with several ion channels in the central nervous system to produce anesthesia. Because ion channels and their existing evolutionary analogues, ion transporters, are very important in various organisms, it is possible that volatile anesthetics may...