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The Wild Robot #2: The Wild Robot Escapes

Robot Roz is no ordinary robot. She learned to survive on an island and now has to learn to survive on a farm. However, Roz has left her son back on the island and desperately wants to make it back to him. She tells every animal she can about her son Brightbill back home. The rumors spread and soon Brightbill hears the story his mother is telling everyone. Brightbill decides to...

Stink #11: Hamlet and Cheese

It’s spring break and Stink Moody is attending a Shakespeare camp with his best friend Sophie. Little did he know he’d be the only boy and his enemy Riley Rottenberger would be attending. Stink finds out he gets to learn insults and sword fighting, and that eases his mind. During camp, Riley tells Stink that at the end of the this week he will be getting a big kiss. Stink has to...

Bad Kitty: Camp Daze

Kitty doesn’t want Puppy to go to a dogs-only camp without him. Kitty decides to stow away in Puppy’s bag. Upon Kitty’s arrival, the camp director isn’t convinced that Kitty is a dog. After several impressive attempts, Kitty fools the director into thinking that he is a dog. On a camp hike, Kitty runs into trouble. He sniffs catnip and his true identity comes out. The camp...