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The application of two-dimensional fluorescence correlation spectroscopy on the interaction between bovine serum albumin and prulifloxacin

The interaction between bovine serum albumin (BSA) and prulifloxacin was investigated by ultraviolet spectrophotometer (UV) and fluorescence spectroscopy in this paper. Two-dimensional (2D) correlation spectroscopy was applied to the analysis of fluorescence spectra. The results of spectroscopic measurements suggested that prulifloxacin (PL) have a strong ability to quench the...

Interaction of Irbesartan with Bovine Hemoglobin Using Spectroscopic Techniques and Molecular Docking

The binding of irbesartan to bovine hemoglobin (BHb) has been investigated for the first time by using UV-Vis absorption, fluorescence, circular dichroism (CD), and molecular docking. The binding site number n and binding constant K were calculated to be 1 and 2.41×105M−1, respectively. The alternations of protein secondary structure in the presence of irbesartan was demonstrated...