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Sexual dimorphism in the genetic influence on human childlessness

Previous research has found a genetic component of human reproduction and childlessness. Others have argued that the heritability of reproduction is counterintuitive due to a frequent misinterpretation that additive genetic variance in reproductive fitness should be close to zero. Yet it is plausible that different genetic loci operate in male and female fertility in the form of...

The Reproductive Ecology of Industrial Societies, Part II

Studies of the association between wealth and fertility in industrial populations have a rich history in the evolutionary literature, and they have been used to argue both for and against a behavioral ecological approach to explaining human variability. We consider that there are strong arguments in favor of measuring fertility (and proxies thereof) in industrial populations, not...

The Biodemography of Fertility: A Review and Future Research Frontiers

Melinda C. Mills . 2015b . Human fertility, molecular genetics, and natural selection in modern societies . PloS one , 10 ( 6 ): e0126821 . Turkheimer , Eric. 2000 . Three laws of behavior genetics and what

Human Fertility, Molecular Genetics, and Natural Selection in Modern Societies

Research on genetic influences on human fertility outcomes such as number of children ever born (NEB) or the age at first childbirth (AFB) has been solely based on twin and family-designs that suffer from problematic assumptions and practical limitations. The current study exploits recent advances in the field of molecular genetics by applying the genomic-relationship-matrix...