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Association of a novel point mutation in MSH2 gene with familial multiple primary cancers

Multiple primary cancers (MPC) have been identified as two or more cancers without any subordinate relationship that occur either simultaneously or metachronously in the same or different organs of an individual. Lynch syndrome is an autosomal dominant genetic disorder that increases the risk of many types of cancers. Lynch syndrome patients who suffer more than two cancers can...

Dynamic Modeling and Chaotic Analysis of Gear Transmission System in a Braiding Machine with or without Random Perturbation

This paper is aimed at analyzing the dynamic behavior of the gear transmission system in a braiding machine. In order to observe the nonlinear phenomenon and reveal the time-varying gear meshing mechanism, a mathematical model with five degrees-of-freedom gear system under internal and external random disturbance of gear system is established. With this model, bifurcation...

Elevated COX-2 Expression Promotes Angiogenesis Through EGFR/p38-MAPK/Sp1-Dependent Signalling in Pancreatic Cancer

. 12410709000), the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee (grant NO. 11DZ1922002), and the National Key Clinical Discipline-Oncology. Author information Author notes Hai Hu, Ting Han and Meng Zhuo ... , Ting Han, Meng Zhuo, Lixia Wu, Wang Lei, Feng Jiao & Li-Wei WangShanghai Key Laboratory of Pancreatic Disease, Shanghai, 201620, ChinaHai Hu, Ting Han, Meng Zhuo, Lixia Wu, Wang Lei, Feng Jiao & Li-Wei