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Quantitative Proteomics by SWATH-MS of Maternal Plasma Exosomes Determine Pathways Associated With Term and Preterm Birth

Exosomes are membrane-bound nanovesicles that transport molecular signals between cells. This study determined changes in maternal plasma exosome proteomics contents in term and preterm births. Maternal plasma (MP) samples were collected from group 1: term not in labor (TNIL, n = 13); group 2: term in labor (TL, n = 11); group 3: preterm premature rupture of membranes (pPROM, n...

Circulating Exosomal miRNA Profile During Term and Preterm Birth Pregnancies: A Longitudinal Study

Despite decades of research in the field of human reproduction, the mechanisms responsible for human parturition still remain elusive. The objective of this study was to describe the changes in the exosomal miRNA concentrations circulating in the maternal plasma between mothers delivering term and preterm neonates, across gestation using a longitudinal study design. This...

Novel concepts on pregnancy clocks and alarms: redundancy and synergy in human parturition

The signals and mechanisms that synchronize the timing of human parturition remain a mystery and a better understanding of these processes is essential to avert adverse pregnancy outcomes. Although our insights into human labor initiation have been informed by studies in animal models, the timing of parturition relative to fetal maturation varies among viviparous species...