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Congested Clique Algorithms for Graph Spanners

, and Udi Wieder . Balls and bins: Smaller hash families and faster evaluation . SIAM Journal on Computing , 42 ( 3 ): 1030 - 1050 , 2013 . Keren Censor-Hillel , Merav Parter , and Gregory Schwartzman ... Foundations of Computer Science, FOCS 2012 , New Brunswick, NJ, USA, October 20 - 23 , 2012 , pages 120 - 129 , 2012 . Ofer Grossman and Merav Parter . Improved deterministic distributed construction of

Randomized (Delta+1)-Coloring in O(log* Delta) Congested Clique Rounds

})). Merav Parter [P-ICALP'18] recently provided a randomized (Delta+1)-coloring algorithm in O(log log Delta * log^* Delta) congested clique rounds based on a careful partitioning of the input graph into ... . Unfortunately, the CLP algorithm uses large messages and hence cannot be efficiently implemented in the congested clique model when the maximum degree Δ is large (in particular, when Δ = ω(√n)). Merav Parter [P

(Delta+1) Coloring in the Congested Clique Model

I C A L P (? + 1) Coloring in the Congested Clique Model Merav Parter Weizmann IS Rehovot Israel In this paper, we present improved algorithms for the (? + 1) (vertex) coloring problem in the ... -fast distributed algorithms for metric facility location . In International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming , pages 428 - 439 . Springer, 2012 . Keren Censor-Hillel , Merav Parter

Improved Deterministic Distributed Construction of Spanners

, 2007 . Keren Censor-Hillel , Merav Parter , and Gregory Schwartzman . Derandomizing local distributed algorithms under bandwidth restrictions . CoRR, abs/1608.01689 , 2016 . Yi-Jun Chang , Tsvi

Near-Optimal Distributed DFS in Planar Graphs

We present a randomized distributed algorithm that computes a Depth-First Search (DFS) tree in ~O(D) rounds, in any planar network G=(V,E) with diameter D, with high probability. This is the first sublinear-time distributed DFS algorithm, improving on a three decades-old O(n) algorithm of Awerbuch (1985), which remains the best known for general graphs. Furthermore, this ~O(D...

Computational Tradeoffs in Biological Neural Networks: Self-Stabilizing Winner-Take-All Networks

We initiate a line of investigation into biological neural networks from an algorithmic perspective. We develop a simplified but biologically plausible model for distributed computation in stochastic spiking neural networks and study tradeoffs between computation time and network complexity in this model. Our aim is to abstract real neural networks in a way that, while not...

Neuro-RAM Unit with Applications to Similarity Testing and Compression in Spiking Neural Networks

. Acknowledgments. We thank Mohsen Ghaffari ? the initial ideas regarding the importanace of the indexing module came up while Merav Parter was visiting him at ETH Zurich. We also thank Sergio Rajsbaum, Ron Rothblum ... Musco, and Merav Parter . Computational tradeoffs in biological neural networks: Self-stabilizing winner-take-all networks . In Proceedings of the 8th Conference on Innovations in Theoretical Computer

Derandomizing Local Distributed Algorithms under Bandwidth Restrictions

Lenzen, Ami Paz, and Jukka Suomela . Algebraic methods in the congested clique . In PODC , pages 143 - 152 , 2015 . Keren Censor-Hillel , Merav Parter , and Gregory Schwartzman . Derandomizing local ... , pages 57 - 70 , 2016 . Mohsen Ghaffari . An improved distributed algorithm for maximal independent set . In SODA , pages 270 - 277 , 2016 . Mohsen Ghaffari and Merav Parter . Mst in log-star rounds of

Efficient Oracles and Routing Schemes for Replacement Paths

?344, 1996. Merav Parter. Vertex fault tolerant additive spanners. In International Symposium on Distributed Computing, pages 167?181. Springer, 2014. Merav Parter and David Peleg. Sparse fault ... -tolerant BFS trees. In Algorithms - ESA 2013 - 21st Annual European Symposium, Sophia Antipolis, France, September 2-4, 2013. Proceedings, pages 779?790, 2013. Merav Parter and David Peleg. Fault tolerant

Preserving Distances in Very Faulty Graphs

Bodwin , Fabrizio Grandoni, Merav Parter, and Virginia Vassilevska Williams . Preserving distances in very faulty graphs . CoRR, abs/1703.10293 , 2017 . URL: http: // G

Facilitated Variation: How Evolution Learns from Past Environments To Generalize to New Environments

One of the striking features of evolution is the appearance of novel structures in organisms. Recently, Kirschner and Gerhart have integrated discoveries in evolution, genetics, and developmental biology to form a theory of facilitated variation (FV). The key observation is that organisms are designed such that random genetic changes are channeled in phenotypic directions that...

Environmental variability and modularity of bacterial metabolic networks

Merav Parter 0 Nadav Kashtan 0 Uri Alon 0 0 Address: Molecular Cell Biology Department, Weizmann Institute of Science , Rehovot 76100 , Israel Background: Biological systems are often modular