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education Michael Rowe  ORCID: na1, Christian R. Osadnik2 na1, Shane Pritchard2 & Stephen Maloney2  BMC Medical Education volume 19, Article number: 356 (2019) | Download ... review. Funding Not applicable. Author information Author notes Michael Rowe and Christian R. Osadnik contributed equally to this work. AffiliationsDepartment of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Community and

Contemporary Prosecutions of Civil Rights Era Crimes: An Argument Against Retroactive Application of Statute of Limitations Amendments

of Limitations Amendments , 101 J. Crim. L. & Criminology 699, 2013 - Michael Rowe* I. INTRODUCTION Racial tensions in the South and especially those in Mississippi boiled over in the summer of

Beyond knowledge and skills: the use of a Delphi study to develop a technology-mediated teaching strategy

Background While there is evidence to suggest that teaching practices in clinical education should include activities that more accurately reflect the real world, many educators base their teaching on transmission models that encourage the rote learning of knowledge and technical skills. Technology-mediated instruction may facilitate the development of professional attributes...

Citizenship and recovery: two intertwined concepts for civic-recovery

Corrigan 4 Larry Davidson 2 Michael Rowe 2 0 Centre de recherche de l'Institut universitaire en sante mentale de Montreal (U.218) , 7401, Hochelaga Street, Montreal, QC H1N 3M5 , Canada 1 Department of

No personalization without participation: on the active contribution of psychiatric patients to the development of a mobile application for mental health

Background Despite the increasing pervasiveness of mobile computational technologies, knowledge about psychiatric patients’ preferences regarding the design and utility of mobile applications is very poor. This paper reports on a pilot-study that involved 120 psychiatric patients in the development of a mobile application (app) that is being used for data entry into the Signature...

The impact of a faculty development programme for health professions educators in sub-Saharan Africa: an archival study

Background In 2008 the sub-Saharan FAIMER Regional Institute launched a faculty development programme aimed at enhancing the academic and research capacity of health professions educators working in sub-Saharan Africa. This two-year programme, a combination of residential and distance learning activities, focuses on developing the leadership, project management and programme...

Sober Housing and Motivational Interviewing: The Treatment Access Project

This paper describes an innovative program that provides rental subsidies for sober housing and supportive services to persons in early recovery who are homeless and have substance use disorders. Preliminary data point to the success of this program in enhancing recovery and exiting from homelessness. In supporting sober house placements, the Treatment Access Project creates a...

Where’s the difficulty in standardized reading tests: The passage or the question?

The purpose of this investigation was to examine the extent to which item and text characteristics predict item difficulty on the comprehension portion of the Gates-MacGinitie Reading Tests for the 7th–9th and 10th–12th grade levels. Detailed item-based analyses were performed on 192 comprehension questions on the basis of the cognitive processing model framework proposed by...