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Designing cultural multilevel selection research for sustainability science

. Kline 1 Handled by Pete Richerson, University of California Davis , United States 2 Applying Cultural Evolution to Sustainability Challenges 3 Environmental Studies Program, University of Colorado Boulder

Subclinical Primary Psychopathy, but Not Physical Formidability or Attractiveness, Predicts Conversational Dominance in a Zero-Acquaintance Situation

The determinants of conversational dominance are not well understood. We used videotaped triadic interactions among unacquainted same-sex American college students to test predictions drawn from the theoretical distinction between dominance and prestige as modes of human status competition. Specifically, we investigated the effects of physical formidability, facial attractiveness...

Defectors Cannot Be Detected during“Small Talk” with Strangers

To account for the widespread human tendency to cooperate in one-shot social dilemmas, some theorists have proposed that cooperators can be reliably detected based on ethological displays that are difficult to fake. Experimental findings have supported the view that cooperators can be distinguished from defectors based on “thin slices” of behavior, but the relevant cues have...

Population size predicts technological complexity in Oceania

Michelle A. Kline () 0 Robert Boyd 0 0 Department of Anthropology, University of California , Los Angeles, CA 90095 , USA Much human adaptation depends on the gradual accumulation of culturally