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A nephrologist should be consulted in all cases of acute kidney injury in the ICU: We are not sure

kidney injury in the ICU: We are not sure Miet Schetz 0 Matthieu Legrand 0 Division of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Clinical Department and Laboratory of Intensive Care Medicine, KU Leuven University

Does artificial nutrition improve outcome of critical illness?

Nutritional support is generally considered an essential component in the management of critically ill patients. The existing guidelines advocate early enteral nutrition, with the optimal timing for the addition of parenteral nutrition to insufficient enteral feeding being the subject of transatlantic controversy. The unphysiologic intervention of artificial nutrition in...

Acute kidney injury in the ICU: from injury to recovery: reports from the 5th Paris International Conference

. Oudemansv‑an Straaten JeanJ‑acques Parienti Didier Payen Sophie Perinel Esther Peters Peter Pickkers Eric Rondeau Miet Schetz Christophe Vinsonneau Julia Wendon Ling Zhang Pierre‑François Laterre 0 0

Intensive Insulin Therapy in Mixed Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Units: Benefit Versus Harm

Intensive insulin therapy (IIT) improves the outcome of prolonged critically ill patients, but concerns remain regarding potential harm and the optimal blood glucose level. These questions were addressed using the pooled dataset of two randomized controlled trials. Independent of parenteral glucose load, IIT reduced mortality from 23.6 to 20.4% in the intention-to-treat group (n...

A comparison of observed versus estimated baseline creatinine for determination of RIFLE class in patients with acute kidney injury

Background. The RIFLE classification scheme for acute kidney injury (AKI) is based on relative changes in serum creatinine (SCr) and on urine output. The SCr criteria, therefore, require a pre-morbid baseline value. When unknown, current recommendations are to estimate a baseline SCr by the MDRD equation. However, the MDRD approach assumes a glomerular filtration rate of ∼75 mL...