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Technological improvements or climate change? Bayesian modeling of time-varying conformance to Benford’s Law

Conceptualization: Miguel de Carvalho. Funding acquisition: Miguel de Carvalho. Investigation: Junho Lee. Methodology: Junho Lee, Miguel de Carvalho. Supervision: Miguel de Carvalho. Visualization: Junho Lee ... , Miguel de Carvalho. 1. Newcomb S. Note on the frequency of use of the different digits in natural numbers . Am J Math . 1881 ; 4 ( 1 ): 39 - 40 . 2. Benford F. The law of

IIS – Integrated Interactome System: A Web-Based Platform for the Annotation, Analysis and Visualization of Protein-Metabolite-Gene-Drug Interactions by Integrating a Variety of Data Sources and Tools

Background High-throughput screening of physical, genetic and chemical-genetic interactions brings important perspectives in the Systems Biology field, as the analysis of these interactions provides new insights into protein/gene function, cellular metabolic variations and the validation of therapeutic targets and drug design. However, such analysis depends on a pipeline...