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Search strategies for TeV scale fermionic top partners with charge 2/3

Abstract Searches for fermionic top partners at the TeV scale will bring forward a new final state kinematic regime and event topologies, where Run I search strategies will inevitably fail. We propose concrete search strategies for singly produced charge 2/3 fermionic top partners (T ′) adequate for LHC Run II. Our analysis spans over all of the T′ decay modes (i.e. tZ, th and Wb...

LHC top partner searches beyond the 2 TeV mass region

Abstract We propose a new search strategy for heavy top partners at the early stages of the LHC run-II, based on lepton-jet final states. Our results show that final states containing a boosted massive jet and a hard lepton, in addition to a top quark and possibly a forward jet, offer a new window to both detecting and measuring top partners of mass ∼ 2TeV. Our resulting signal...

Boosted event topologies from TeV scale light quark composite partners

We propose a new search strategy for quark partners which decay into a boosted Higgs and a light quark. As an example, we consider phenomenologically viable right handed up-type quark partners of mass ∼ 1 TeV in composite pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone-boson Higgs models within the context of flavorful naturalness. Our results show that S/B > 1 and signal significance of ∼ 7σ is...