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Calogero-Sutherland approach to defect blocks

Abstract Extended objects such as line or surface operators, interfaces or boundaries play an important role in conformal field theory. Here we propose a systematic approach to the relevant conformal blocks which are argued to coincide with the wave functions of an integrable multi-particle Calogero-Sutherland problem. This generalizes a recent observation in [1] and makes...

Harmony of spinning conformal blocks

Abstract Conformal blocks for correlation functions of tensor operators play an increasingly important role for the conformal bootstrap programme. We develop a universal approach to such spinning blocks through the harmonic analysis of certain bundles over a coset of the conformal group. The resulting Casimir equations are given by a matrix version of the Calogero-Sutherland...

Toda 3-point functions from topological strings II

In [1] we proposed a formula for the 3-point structure constants of generic primary fields in the Toda field theory, derived using topological strings and the AGT-W correspondence from the partition functions of the non-Lagrangian T N theories on S 4. In this article, we obtain from it the well-known formula by Fateev and Litvinov and show that the degeneration on a first level...