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Evaluation of diaphragmatic function in mechanically ventilated children: An ultrasound study

-Hsuan Hsia, Hsiu-Feng Hsiao, Shen-Hao Lai. Data curation: En-Pei Lee, Min-Chi Chen, Jainn-Jim Lin, Oi-Wa Chan, Shen-Hao Lai. Formal analysis: En-Pei Lee, Jainn-Jim Lin, Shen-Hao Lai. Funding ... , Shen-Hao Lai. Project administration: En-Pei Lee, Shao-Hsuan Hsia, Chia-Ying Lin, Mei-Chin Yang. Resources: Shao-Hsuan Hsia, Hsiu-Feng Hsiao, Min-Chi Chen, Jainn-Jim Lin, Chia-Ying Lin, Mei-Chin Yang

Increased risk of second primary malignancies following uterine cancer: a population-based study in Taiwan over a 30-year period

Background Previous studies assessing second primary malignancies (SPMs) after uterine cancer have been conducted in Western populations with conflicting results. This study aimed to define the incidence and risk of SPMs in Taiwanese patients with an initial diagnosis of uterine cancer. Methods Using population-based data from the Taiwan Cancer Registry for the period 1979–2008...

Family caregivers’ role implementation at different stages of dementia

Family caregivers’ role implementation at different stages of dementia Huei-Ling Huang,1 Yea-Ing L Shyu,2,3 Min-Chi Chen,4 Chin-Chang Huang,5,6 Hung-Chou Kuo,5,6 Sien-Tsong Chen,5,6 Wen-Chuin

Neovascular glaucoma after central retinal vein occlusion in pre-existing glaucoma

Background To determine the outcome of central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO) in pre-existing glaucoma and the predisposing factors of developing neovascular glaucoma (NVG). Methods We retrospectively assessed a pre-existing glaucoma CRVO group and a non-glaucoma CRVO group to elucidate the demographics, clinical course and ocular parameters of these two cohorts. Among the pre...

TRICKS Magnetic Resonance Angiography at 3-Tesla for Assessing Whole Lower Extremity Vascular Tree in Patients with High-Grade Critical Limb Ischemia: DSA and TASC II Guidelines Correlations

The entire vascular tree of 58 lower extremities with high-grade critical limb ischemia (CLI) was assessed with three-station time resolved imaging of contrast kinetics (TRICKS) magnetic resonance angiography (T-MRA) and correlated with digital subtraction angiography (DSA) examinations and Trans-Atlantic Inter-Society Consensus II (TASC II) guidelines. Kappa (κ) statistics were...

The incidence and risk of developing a second primary esophageal cancer in patients with oral and pharyngeal carcinoma: a population-based study in Taiwan over a 25 year period

Background The incidence of oral and pharyngeal (including oral cavity, oropharynx and hypopharynx) carcinoma increases rapidly in Asia and South Pacific because of betel quid chewing. Thus far, large-scale epidemiological studies are not available yet to stratify these patients by their risks of developing a second primary cancer in the digestive tract including esophagus...