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Molecular cloning and expression of a novel trehalose synthase gene from Enterobacter hormaechei

Background Trehalose synthase (TreS) which converts maltose to trehalose is considered to be a potential biocatalyst for trehalose production. This enzymatic process has the advantage of simple reaction and employs an inexpensive substrate. Therefore, new TreS producing bacteria with suitable enzyme properties are expected to be isolated from extreme environment. Results Six TreS...

High crude violacein production from glucose by Escherichia coli engineered with interactive control of tryptophan pathway and violacein biosynthetic pathway

Ming-Yue Fang 0 Chong Zhang 0 Song Yang Jin-Yu Cui Pei-Xia Jiang Kai Lou Masaaki Wachi Xin-Hui Xing 0 0 Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University , Beijing 10084 , China Background

MAL62 overexpression and NTH1 deletion enhance the freezing tolerance and fermentation capacity of the baker’s yeast in lean dough

Background Trehalose is related to several types of stress responses, especially freezing response in baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). It is desirable to manipulate trehalose-related genes to create yeast strains that better tolerate freezing-thaw stress with improved fermentation capacity, which are in high demand in the baking industry. Results The strain...