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Mitchell N. Berman Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Law Commons Recommended Citation Mitchell N. Berman, Replay, 99 Cal. L ... , entitlement, andjustice; the difference between mistake and error; and the contours of loss aversion and omission Copyright 0 2011 Mitchell N. Berman. * Richard Dale Endowed Chair in Law, Professor of

On What Distinguishes New Originalism from Old: A Jurisprudential Take

By Mitchell N. Berman and Kevin Toh, Published on 11/01/13 ... Originalism.” As we use these phrases, the former is an imprecise but possibly useful term of art that denotes a stage in the 29. For further discussion of these types of theories, see Mitchell N. Berman

The Tragedy of Justice Scalia

reflections on the ambiguity in Scalia’s work regarding whether his claims are prescriptive, constitutive, or both, see Mitchell N. Berman, Judge Posner’s Simple Law, 113 Mich. L. Rev. 777 (2015) (reviewing

Judge Posner's Simple Law

” in Mitchell N. Berman, Guillen and Gullibility: Piercing the Surface of Commerce Clause Doctrine, 89 Iowa L. Rev. 1487 (2004). 96. On the picture I am painting here, rulism should come into play only ... problematize the relationship.107 But as Posner reminds 100. For a more extensive discussion, see Mitchell N. Berman, Originalism Is Bunk, 84 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 1, 69–93 (2009). 101. Scalia & Garner, supra note 4

Construcciones constitucionales y reglas constitucionales de decisión: reflexiones sobre el cincelado del espacio de implementación

implementación*   Constitutional Constructions and Constitutional Decision Rules: Thoughts on the Carving of Constitutional Implementation Space   Mitchell N. Berman**   ** The University of Texas ... School of Law. 727 East Dean Keeton Street, Austin, TX 78705 USA.   Correspondencia: Mitchell N. Berman;   Recepción: 23/10/2012 Aceptación: 6/3/2012   Resumen Los teóricos

Symposium Foreword

Citation - Article 1 SYMPOSIUM: SUPREME COURT REVIEW SYMPOSIUM FOREWORD Mitchell N. Berman* There is a sense in which the 2006 Term of the Supreme Court truly marked the start of the Roberts Court

Justification and Excuse, Law and Morality

DUKE LAW JOURNAL Duke Law Journal MITCHELL N. BERMAN 0 1 0 Bernard J. Ward Centennial Professor in Law, The University of Texas at Austin; Visiting Professor of Law, The University of Chicago ... Jules Coleman, Stephen Perry, and Peter Westen for particularly helpful and detailed comments, and John Elia for excellent research assistance , USA 1 Copyright © 2003 by Mitchell N. Berman Anglo

Getting off the Dole: Why the Court Should Abandon Its Spending Doctrine, and How a Too-Clever Congress Could Provoke It to Do So

" Copyright 2002 Lynn A. Baker and Mitchell N. Berman. All rights reserved. •Frederick M. Baron Chair in Law and Co-Director, Center on Lawyers, Civil Justice, and the Media, University ofTexas School of Law ... ); Lynn A. Baker& Ernest A. Young, Federalism and the Double Standard ofJudicialReview, 5i DUKE L.J. 75 (2001); Mitchell N. Berman, Coercion Without Baselines: Unconstitutional Conditions in Three