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Analysis of the Genome and Metabolome of Marine Myxobacteria Reveals High Potential for Biosynthesis of Novel Specialized Metabolites

Comparative genomic/metabolomic analysis is a powerful tool to disclose the potential of microbes for the biosynthesis of novel specialized metabolites. In the group of marine myxobacteria only a limited number of isolated species and sequenced genomes is so far available. However, the few compounds isolated thereof so far show interesting bioactivities and even novel chemical...

Function-related replacement of bacterial siderophore pathways

Bacterial genomes are rife with orphan biosynthetic gene clusters (BGCs) associated with secondary metabolism of unrealized natural product molecules. Often up to a tenth of the genome is predicted to code for the biosynthesis of diverse metabolites with mostly unknown structures and functions. This phenomenal diversity of BGCs coupled with their high rates of horizontal transfer...

An integrated semiconductor device enabling non-optical genome sequencing

The seminal importance of DNA sequencing to the life sciences, biotechnology and medicine has driven the search for more scalable and lower-cost solutions. Here we describe a DNA sequencing technology in which scalable, low-cost semiconductor manufacturing techniques are used to make an integrated circuit able to directly perform non-optical DNA sequencing of genomes. Sequence...