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Impact of water saturation and cation concentrations on wettability alteration and oil recovery of carbonate rocks using low-salinity water

In this study, the effect of initial water saturation on the oil recovery for carbonate rocks is investigated using spontaneous imbibition experiments. The experiments are performed using 20 times diluted sea water as imbibing fluid and the sea water as initial water. In addition, the impact of pH and Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, and K+ cations concentration change of imbibing fluid are...

Enhanced oil recovery from carbonate reservoirs by spontaneous imbibition of low salinity water

An experimental study was performed to investigate the impact of low salinity water on wettability alteration in carbonate core samples from southern Iranian reservoirs by spontaneous imbibition. In this paper, the effect of temperature, salinity, permeability and connate water were investigated by comparing the produced hydrocarbon curves. Contact angle measurements were taken...