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Black holes with Lambert W function horizons

We consider Einstein gravity with a negative cosmological constant endowed with distinct matter sources. The different models analyzed here share the following two properties: (1) they admit static symmetric solutions with planar base manifold characterized by their mass and some additional Noetherian charges, and (2) the contribution of these latter in the metric has a slower...

Black holes and solitons in an extended Proca theory

We study a massive vector tensor theory that acquires mass via a standard Proca term but also via a higher order term containing an explicit coupling to curvature. We find static solutions that are asymptotically flat, adS or Lifshitz black holes. Since the higher order term regularizes the effect of the Proca mass term, generically solutions are asymptotically regular for...

Thermodynamics of Lovelock black holes with a nonminimal scalar field

Francisco Correa 1 Mokhtar Hassaine 0 0 Instituto de Matematica y Fsica, Universidad de Talca , Casilla 747, Talca, Chile 1 Centro de Estudios Cientficos (CECs) , Valdivia, Chile We source the