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Age-Related Different Relationships between Ectopic Adipose Tissues and Measures of Central Obesity in Sedentary Subjects

Accumulation of fat at ectopic sites has been gaining attention as pivotal contributor of insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and related cardiovascular complications. Intermuscular adipose tissue (IMAT), located between skeletal muscle bundles and beneath muscle fascia, has been linked to physical inactivity, ageing and body mass index, but little is known about its...

The empowerment of translational research: lessons from laminopathies

Boriani 15 20 Cristina Capanni 0 20 Nicola Carboni 14 20 Giovanna Cenacchi 13 20 Marta Columbaro 17 20 Monica D'Adamo 16 20 Adele D'Amico 9 20 Maria Rosaria D'Apice 12 20 Marianna Fontana 7 20 Alessandra ... , Marianna Fontana, Luisa Politano, Claudio Rapezzi are involved in Dilated Cardiomyopathy clinical management. Monica D'Adamo, Alessandra Gambineri, Laura Mazzanti, Iria Neri, Renato Pasquali, Paolo Sbraccia