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Attitudinal and Behavioral Characteristics Predict High Risk Sexual Activity in Rural Tanzanian Youth

The incidence of HIV infection in rural African youth remains high despite widespread knowledge of the disease within the region and increasing funds allocated to programs aimed at its prevention and treatment. This suggests that program efficacy requires a more nuanced understanding of the profiles of the most at-risk individuals. To evaluate the explanatory power of novel...

Fred Nelson (ed): Community Rights, Conservation & Contested Land: The Politics of Natural Resource Governance in Africa

Monique Borgerhoff Mulder 0 0 M. Borgerhoff Mulder ( 1 ) Department of Anthropology, University of California at Davis , Davis, USA - The mantra of community-based conservation, community based

Ethnicity and Child Health in Northern Tanzania: Maasai Pastoralists Are Disadvantaged Compared to Neighbouring Ethnic Groups

The Maasai of northern Tanzania, a semi-nomadic ethnic group predominantly reliant on pastoralism, face a number of challenges anticipated to have negative impacts on child health, including marginalisation, vulnerabilities to drought, substandard service provision and on-going land grabbing conflicts. Yet, stemming from a lack of appropriate national survey data, no large-scale...

Understanding the nature of wealth and its effects on human fitness

Monique Borgerhoff Mulder () 1 Bret A. Beheim 0 0 Graduate Group in Ecology, University of California at Davis , Davis, CA 95616 , USA 1 Department of Anthropology, Graduate Group in Ecology

Remarkable Rates of Lightning Strike Mortality in Malawi

Livingstone's second mission site on the shore of Lake Malawi suffers very high rates of consequential lightning strikes. Comprehensive interviewing of victims and their relatives in seven Traditional Authorities in Nkhata Bay District, Malawi revealed that the annual rate of consequential strikes was 419/million, more than six times higher than that in other developing countries...

Serial Monogamy as Polygyny or Polyandry?

Applications of sexual selection theory to humans lead us to expect that because of mammalian sex differences in obligate parental investment there will be gender differences in fitness variances, and males will benefit more than females from multiple mates. Recent theoretical work in behavioral ecology suggests reality is more complex. In this paper, focused on humans...

Simulating trait evolution for cross-cultural comparison

Cross-cultural anthropologists have increasingly used phylogenetic methods to study cultural variation. Because cultural behaviours can be transmitted horizontally among socially defined groups, however, it is important to assess whether phylogeny-based methods—which were developed to study vertically transmitted traits among biological taxa—are appropriate for studying group...