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Phenotypes of the ovarian follicular basal lamina predict developmental competence of oocytes

The ovarian follicular basal lamina underlies the epithelial membrana granulosa and maintains the avascular intra-follicular compartment. Additional layers of basal lamina occur in a number of pathologies, including pili annulati and diabetes. We previously found additional layers of follicular basal lamina in a significant percentage of healthy bovine follicles. We wished to...

Extracellular matrix of the human cyclic corpus luteum

Extracellular matrix regulates many cellular processes likely to be important for development and regression of corpora lutea. Therefore, we identified the types and components of the extracellular matrix of the human corpus luteum at different stages of the menstrual cycle. Two different types of extracellular matrix were identified by electron microscopy; subendothelial basal...