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Both air-sea components are crucial for El Niño forecast from boreal spring

SCIentIFIC REPORTS | Both air-sea components are crucial for El Ni?o forecast from boreal spring Xiang-Hui Fang Mu Mu The spring predictability barrier severely limits our ability to forecast the

Projections of soil carbon using the combination of the CNOP-P method and GCMs from CMIP5 under RCP4.5 in north-south transect of eastern China

Background and aims Soil plays a key role in land-atmosphere carbon exchange as the largest carbon pool in terrestrial ecosystems. Because of the uncertainty in predictions of soil carbon storage, understanding the magnitude and spatial and temporal patterns of terrestrial carbon sinks and sources is difficult. Methods In this study, the response of soil carbon to future climate...

A new approach to identify the sensitivity and importance of physical parameters combination within numerical models using the Lund–Potsdam–Jena (LPJ) model as an example

An important source of uncertainty, which causes further uncertainty in numerical simulations, is that residing in the parameters describing physical processes in numerical models. Therefore, finding a subset among numerous physical parameters in numerical models in the atmospheric and oceanic sciences, which are relatively more sensitive and important parameters, and reducing...

Estimating observing locations for advancing beyond the winter predictability barrier of Indian Ocean dipole event predictions

In this paper, we explored potential observing locations (i.e., the sensitive areas) of positive Indian Ocean dipole (IOD) events to advance beyond the winter predictability barrier (WPB) using the geophysical fluid dynamics laboratory climate model version 2p1 (GFDL CM2p1). The sensitivity analysis is conducted through perfect model predictability experiments, in which the model...

Extensive gene flow of white-backed planthopper in the Greater Mekong Subregion as revealed by microsatellite markers

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Addressing the issue of fog and haze: A promising perspective from meteorological science and technology

0 ZHANG RenHe State Key Laboratory of Severe Weather, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences 1 MU Mu Key Laboratory of Ocean Circulation and Waves, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of

Possible Source Populations of the White-backed Planthopper in the Greater Mekong Subregion Revealed by Mitochondrial DNA Analysis

Chen 0 Sathya Khay 2 Bounneuang Douangboupha 3 Mu Mu Kyaw 4 Manita Kongchuensin 5 Vien Vinh Ngo 6 Chung Huy Nguyen 6 0 Agriculture Environment and Resources Institute, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural

Stability Analysis of Numerical Methods for a 1.5-Layer Shallow-Water Ocean Model

A 1.5-layer reduced-gravity shallow-water ocean model in spherical coordinates is described and discretized in a staggered grid (standard Arakawa C-grid) with the forward-time central-space (FTCS) method and the Leap-frog finite difference scheme. The discrete Fourier analysis method combined with the Gershgorin circle theorem is used to study the stability of these two finite...

A real-time video quality estimator for emerging wireless multimedia systems

Informatics Engineering, University of Coimbra , Coimbra, Portugal 6 Mu Mu received his Master's degree of Science from Darms- tadt University of Technology , Germany in 2006. In 2007 , He joined the School of

Downregulation of KPNA2 in non-small-cell lung cancer is associated with Oct4 expression

Background Oct4 is a major transcription factor related to stem cell self-renewal and differentiation. To fulfill its functions, it must be able to enter the nucleus and remain there to affect transcription. KPNA2, a member of the karyopherin family, plays a central role in nucleocytoplasmic transport. The objective of the current study was to examine the association between Oct4...

The problem of data assimilation for soil water movement

Franc¸ois-Xavier Le Dimet 1, Victor Petrovich Shutyaev 2, Jiafeng Wang 3 and Mu Mu 3 Mathematics Subject Classification. 0 LASG, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences