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Growth and nutrient removal efficiency of duckweed (lemna minor) from synthetic and dumpsite leachate under artificial and natural conditions

Iqbal. Investigation: Jamshaid Iqbal. Methodology: Jamshaid Iqbal. Supervision: Muhammad Anwar Baig. Writing ? original draft: Jamshaid Iqbal. 8 / 9 1. Godwin A , Oghenekohwiroro E. Leachate ... Anwar Baig 1 0 Department of Environment and Energy Management, College of Business Management, Institute of Business Management (IoBM) , Karachi, Sindh , Pakistan , 2 Department of Environmental Sciences

Effects of Pyrolysis Temperature on Product Yields and Energy Recovery from Co-Feeding of Cotton Gin Trash, Cow Manure, and Microalgae: A Simulation Study

The intensive search of new and cleaner energy catches interest in recent years due to huge consumption of fossil fuels coupled with the challenge of energy and environmental sustainability. Production of renewable and environmentally benign energy from locally available raw materials is coming in the frontline. In this work, conversion of the combined biomass (cotton gin trash...