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Investigation of Batrachochytrium Dendrobatidis in Four Boreal Toad (Bufo Boreas Boreas) Populations in Wyoming

an authorized administrator of Wyoming Scholars Repository. For more information , please contact , USA 1 St-Hilaire , Sophie; Bruner, Sarah; Murphy, Peter; Patla, Debra; and Peterson , Charles (2005

There is another way: empowering frontline staff caring for acutely unwell adults

It is estimated that only 17% of patients survive an in-hospital cardiac arrest. Medical evidence indicates that many patients show signs of deterioration during the 24 h period prior to their cardiac arrest.

Context-dependent reproductive site choice in a Neotropical frog

In organisms whose offspring develop in discrete habitat patches such as pools, studies have frequently shown that adults avoid sites based on a single risk factor facing offspring. However, natural reproductive sites often vary in multiple risk factors in both space and time. In this study, I used choice tests among field mesocosms to determine whether adults of a Neotropical...