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Studies of Deuteron Breakup Reactions in Deuteron–Deuteron Collisions at 160 MeV with BINA

Scholar 8. A.C. Fonseca, A. Deltuva, Few-Body Syst. 58, 46 (2017)ADSCrossRefGoogle Scholar 9. K. Sagara et al., Few-Body Syst. 48, 59 (2010)ADSCrossRefGoogle Scholar 10. N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki et al

Experimental Studies of Nuclear Interactions in Few-Nucleon Systems

( 2016 ) 12. K. Sagara , Experimental investigations of discrepancies in three-nucleon reactions . Few Body Syst . 48 , 59 ( 2010 ) 13. N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki , E. Epelbaum , J.G. Meschendorp , A. Nogga ... . J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser 40 , 1660072 ( 2016 ) 19. N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki et al., A small-angle large-acceptance detection system for hadrons . Nucl. Instr. Meth. A 444 , 591 ( 2000 ) 20. I. Ciepał et

Three-nucleon forces and their importance in three-nucleon systems and heavier nuclei

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Experimental Studies of Few-nucleon Systems at Intermediate Energies

Systems composed of 3 nucleons are a subject of precise experimental studies for many years. At the first stage the investigations were mainly focused on elastic nucleon-deuteron scattering, slowly extending to systematic measurements of the deuteron breakup reaction. Intermediate energies, below the threshold for pion production, deserve special attention: it is the region where...

Contribution of three nucleon force investigated in deuteron-proton breakup reaction

The elastic scattering and deuteron breakup data were collected in the experiment performed at KVI (Groningen) with use of unpolarized deuteron beam with energy of 80 MeV per nucleon, impinging on hydrogen target. The procedure applied to determine total integrated luminosity is presented. The result will be used for normalization of the differential cross section for the...

Investigation of the Three-Nucleon System Dynamics in the Deuteron–Proton Breakup Reaction

A. Biegun N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki J. Messchendorp Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut, 9747 AA Groningen, The Netherlands 0 M. Eslami-Kalantari Faculty of Physics, Yazd University , Yazd, Iran 1 E

Vector analyzing powers of the deuteron-proton elastic scattering and breakup at 100 MeV

High-quality vector analyzing power data for the 1 H(d,pp)n breakup reaction and elastic scattering at 100MeV beam energy have been measured in a large part of the phase space for these processes. The results are compared to theoretical predictions obtained using the charge-dependent Bonn potential alone or combined with the three-nucleon force TM99 as well as to the results of...

Measurements of scattering observables for the pd break-up reaction

., Phys. Rev. C 72 044006 ( 2005 ). 20. St. Kistryn et al., Phys. Lett. B 23 641 ( 2006 ). 21. E. Stephan et al., Phys. Rev. C 76 057001 ( 2005 ). 22. N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki et al., Nucl. Instr. and Meth

Cross Sections of the Deuteron–Proton Breakup at 130 MeV: A Probe of Three-Nucleon System Dynamics

Three-nucleon system dynamics can be investigated quantitatively by comparing observables calculated with the use of Faddeev equations with results of precise measurements. Proper description of the experimental data can be achieved only if the dynamical models include, in addition to the nucleon-nucleon interaction, subtle effects of suppressed degrees of freedom, effectively...

Studies of the Three-Nucleon System Dynamics in the Deuteron-Proton Breakup Reaction

. Epelbaum 0 M. Eslami-Kalantari 1 6 A. C. Fonseca 12 J. Golak 8 V. Jha 11 N. Kalantar- Nayestanaki 6 H. Kamada 10 G. Khatri 8 Da. Kirillov 3 Di. Kirillov 15 St. Kliczewski 13 A. Kozela 13 M. Kravcikova 14 H

Investigations of Few-Nucleon System Dynamics in Medium Energy Domain

Precise and large set of cross sections, vector A x , A y and tensor A xx , A xy , A yy analyzing powers for the 1 H(d, pp)n breakup reactions were measured at 100 and 130 MeV deuteron beam energies with the use of the SALAD and BINA detectors at KVI and Germanium Wall setup at FZ-Jülich. Results are compared with various theoretical approaches which model the three-nucleon (3N...

First EXL experiment with stored radioactive beam: Proton scattering on 56Ni

EXL (EXotic nuclei studied in Light-ion induced reactions at the NESR storage ring) is a project within NUSTAR at FAIR. It aims at investigations of light-ion induced direct reactions in inverse kinematics with radioactive ions cooled and stored in the future NESR (New Experimental Storage Ring). The existing ESR (Experimental Storage Ring) at GSI, together with its internal gas...

Vector and Tensor Analyzing Powers in Deuteron–Proton Breakup

High precision data for vector and tensor analyzing powers of the \({^1{\rm {H}}(\vec{\rm{d}},\rm{{pp}})\rm{n}}\) breakup reaction at 130 and 100 MeV deuteron beam energies have been measured in a large fraction of the phase space. They are compared to the theoretical predictions based on various approaches to describe the three nucleon (3N) system dynamics. Theoretical...

Studies of the Three-Nucleon System Dynamics in the Deuteron-Proton Breakup Reaction

. Deltuva 12 E. Epelbaum 0 M. Eslami-Kalantari 1 6 A. C. Fonseca 12 J. Golak 8 V. Jha 11 N. Kalantar- Nayestanaki 6 H. Kamada 10 G. Khatri 8 Da. Kirillov 3 Di. Kirillov 15 St. Kliczewski 13 A. Kozela 13 M ... . Nucl. Phys . 57 , 645 - 741 ( 2006 ). 10. R. Skibin´ski, H. Witała, J. Golak , Eur. Phys. Jour. A 30 , 369 ( 2006 ). 11. H. Witała et al., Phys. Rev. C 83 , 044001 ( 2011 ). 12. N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki

Precision measurement of vector and tensor analyzing powers in elastic deuteron-proton scattering

High-precision vector and tensor analyzing powers of elastic deuteron-proton ( d + p) scattering have been measured at intermediate energies to investigate effects of three-nucleon forces. Angular distributions in the range of 70°-120° in the center-of mass frame for incident-deuteron energies E d lab = 130 and 180 MeV were obtained using the RIKEN facility. The beam polarization...

Improved measurement of the absolute branching fraction of \(D^{+}\rightarrow \bar{K}^0 \mu ^{+}\nu _{\mu }\)

. B. Jiao Z. Jiao D. P. Jin 3 S. Jin T. Johansson A. Julin N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki X. L. Kang X. S. Kang M. Kavatsyuk B. C. Ke P. Kiese R. Kliemt B. Kloss O. B. Kolcu 3 B. Kopf M. Kornicer A. Kupsc W