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Vector analyzing powers of the deuteron-proton elastic scattering and breakup at 100 MeV

High-quality vector analyzing power data for the 1 H(d,pp)n breakup reaction and elastic scattering at 100MeV beam energy have been measured in a large part of the phase space for these processes. The results are compared to theoretical predictions obtained using the charge-dependent Bonn potential alone or combined with the three-nucleon force TM99 as well as to the results of...

Investigations of Few-Nucleon System Dynamics in Medium Energy Domain

Precise and large set of cross sections, vector A x , A y and tensor A xx , A xy , A yy analyzing powers for the 1 H(d, pp)n breakup reactions were measured at 100 and 130 MeV deuteron beam energies with the use of the SALAD and BINA detectors at KVI and Germanium Wall setup at FZ-Jülich. Results are compared with various theoretical approaches which model the three-nucleon (3N...

Precision measurement of vector and tensor analyzing powers in elastic deuteron-proton scattering

High-precision vector and tensor analyzing powers of elastic deuteron-proton ( d + p) scattering have been measured at intermediate energies to investigate effects of three-nucleon forces. Angular distributions in the range of 70°-120° in the center-of mass frame for incident-deuteron energies E d lab = 130 and 180 MeV were obtained using the RIKEN facility. The beam polarization...