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Higgs relaxation after inflation

Abstract We show that the mechanism of cosmological relaxation of the electroweak scale can take place independently of the inflation mechanism, thus relieving burdens from the original relaxion proposal. What eventually stops the (fast-rolling) relaxion field during its cosmological evolution is the production of particles whose mass is controlled by the Higgs vacuum expectation...

A warped relaxion

Abstract We construct a UV completion of the relaxion in a warped extra dimension. We identify the relaxion with the zero mode of the fifth component of a bulk gauge field and show how hierarchically different decay constants for this field can be achieved by different localizations of anomalous terms in the warped space. This framework may also find applications for other axion...

Dark Matter constraints on composite Higgs models

In composite Higgs models the pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone Boson (pNGB) nature of the Higgs field is an interesting alternative for explaining the smallness of the electroweak scale with respect to the beyond the Standard Model scale. In non-minimal models additional pNGB states are present and can be a Dark Matter (DM) candidate, if there is an approximate symmetry suppressing their...