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A genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphism and copy number variation analysis for number of piglets born alive

In this study we integrated the CNV (copy number variation) and WssGWAS (weighted single-step approach for genome-wide association) analyses to increase the knowledge about number of piglets born alive, an economically important reproductive trait with significant impact on production efficiency of pigs. A total of 3892 samples were genotyped with the Porcine SNP80 BeadChip...

Genome-wide association study provides insights into genes related with horn development in Nelore beef cattle

: Fernando Baldi. A. Di Croce, Jason B. Osterstock. Data curation: Luiz Anto?nio Framartino Bezerra, Cla?udio de Ulhoa Magnabosco, Fernando Formal analysis: Nedenia Bonvino Stafuzza, Rafael Medeiros de ... Oliveira Silva, Elisa Peripolli. Funding acquisition: Raysildo Barbosa Lo?bo, Fernando A. Di Croce, Jason B. Osterstock, Fernando Baldi. Investigation: Nedenia Bonvino Stafuzza, Rafael Medeiros de Oliveira

Assessing genetic architecture and signatures of selection of dual purpose Gir cattle populations using genomic information

Formal analysis: Amanda Marchi Maiorano, Nedenia Bonvino Stafuzza. Funding acquisition: Roge?rio Abdallah Curi, Josineudson Augusto II de Vasconcelos Silva. Investigation: Amanda Marchi Maiorano ... : Amanda Marchi Maiorano, Daniela Lino Lourenco. Writing ? original draft: Amanda Marchi Maiorano, Nedenia Bonvino Stafuzza. Writing ? review & editing: Daniela Lino Lourenco, Shogo Tsuruta. 19 / 24 20 / 24

Single nucleotide variants and InDels identified from whole-genome re-sequencing of Guzerat, Gyr, Girolando and Holstein cattle breeds

Whole-genome re-sequencing, alignment and annotation analyses were undertaken for 12 sires representing four important cattle breeds in Brazil: Guzerat (multi-purpose), Gyr, Girolando and Holstein (dairy production). A total of approximately 4.3 billion reads from an Illumina HiSeq 2000 sequencer generated for each animal 10.7 to 16.4-fold genome coverage. A total of 27,441,279...

Genome-Wide Association Study for Carcass Traits in an Experimental Nelore Cattle Population

The purpose of this study was to identify genomic regions associated with carcass traits in an experimental Nelore cattle population. The studied data set contained 2,306 ultrasound records for longissimus muscle area (LMA), 1,832 for backfat thickness (BF), and 1,830 for rump fat thickness (RF). A high-density SNP panel (BovineHD BeadChip assay 700k, Illumina Inc., San Diego, CA...

Association of Apolipoprotein B and Adiponectin Receptor 1 Genes with Carcass, Bone Integrity and Performance Traits in a Paternal Broiler Line

for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES). Natalia Vinhal Grupioni was supported by fellowship from CAPES/EMBRAPA. Nedenia Bonvino Stafuzza was supported by postdoctoral fellowship from