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Absence perception and the philosophy of zero

Zero provides a challenge for philosophers of mathematics with realist inclinations. On the one hand it is a bona fide cardinal number, yet on the other it is linked to ideas of nothingness and non-being. This paper provides an analysis of the epistemology and metaphysics of zero. We develop several constraints and then argue that a satisfactory account of zero can be obtained by...

Inner-Model Reflection Principles

authors would like to thank Philip Welch for his interest in this project, helpful comments and suggestions. Thanks are also due to the anonymous referee for their valuable feedback. Neil Barton is very

Independence and Ignorance: How Agnotology Informs Set-Theoretic Pluralism

Introduction Much of the discussion of set-theoretic independence, and whether or not we could legitimately expand our foundational theory, concerns how we could possibly come to know the truth value of independent sentences. This paper pursues a slightly different tack, examining how we are ignorant of issues surrounding their truth. We argue that a study of how we are ignorant...

Maximality and ontology: how axiom content varies across philosophical frameworks

mathematics; Multiversism B Neil Barton The philosophical and mathematical development of set theory and its philosophy has been shaped by (at least) two different phenomena: paradox and independence. The

Colistimethate as a cause of postoperative apnoea

A case of prolonged postoperative neuromuscular blockade is described in a patient who had received the polysaccharide antibiotic colistin methanesulfonate preoperatively. The paralysis was neostigmine resistant but responded to administration of calcium chloride.