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Chimeric L2-Based Virus-Like Particle (VLP) Vaccines Targeting Cutaneous Human Papillomaviruses (HPV)

temperature (RT). Antibodies used were neutralizing anti HPV16 L1 mouse mAb H16.V5, H16.5A, H16.14J, 263. A2, H16.E70, or neutralizing anti HPV18 L1 mAb H18.J4 (all kind gifts from Neil Christensen, Penn State

The wide utility of rabbits as models of human diseases

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A comprehensive approach to new physics simulations

We describe a framework to develop, implement and validate any perturbative Lagrangian-based particle physics model for further theoretical, phenomenological and experimental studies. The starting point is FeynRules, a Mathematica package that allows to generate Feynman rules for any Lagrangian and then, through dedicated interfaces, automatically pass the corresponding relevant...

Targeted Doxorubicin Delivery to Brain Tumors via Minicells: Proof of Principle Using Dogs with Spontaneously Occurring Tumors as a Model

Background Cytotoxic chemotherapy can be very effective for the treatment of cancer but toxicity on normal tissues often limits patient tolerance and often causes long-term adverse effects. The objective of this study was to assist in the preclinical development of using modified, non-living bacterially-derived minicells to deliver the potent chemotherapeutic doxorubicin via...