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The gravitational dynamics of kinematic space

Abstract We show that the dynamics of the kinematic space of a 2-dimensional CFT is gravitational and described by Jackiw-Teitelboim theory. We discuss the first law of this 2-dimensional dilaton gravity theory to support the relation between modular Hamiltonian and dilaton that underlies the kinematic space construction. It is further argued that Jackiw-Teitelboim gravity can be...

Segmented strings in AdS 3

We study segmented strings in flat space and in AdS 3. In flat space, these well known classical motions describe strings which at any instant of time are piecewise linear. In AdS 3, the worldsheet is composed of faces each of which is a region bounded by null geodesics in an AdS 2 subspace of AdS 3. The time evolution can be described by specifying the null geodesic motion of...

A magnetic instability of the non-Abelian Sakai-Sugimoto model

Abstract In this follow-up paper of [1] we further discuss the occurrence of a magnetically induced tachyonic instability of the rho meson in the two-flavour Sakai-Sugimoto model, uplifting two remaining approximations in the previous paper. That is, firstly, the magnetically induced splitting of the branes is now taken into account, evaluating without approximations the...