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Long-term health-related quality of life of critically ill patients with haematological malignancies: a prospective observational multicenter study

BackgroundAlthough outcomes of critically ill patients with haematological malignancies (HMs) have been fully investigated in terms of organ failure and mortality, data are scarce on health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in this population. We aim to assess post-intensive care unit (ICU) burden and HRQOL of critically ill patients with HMs and to identify risk factors for...

Frequency, associated factors and outcome of multi-drug-resistant intensive care unit-acquired pneumonia among patients colonized with extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae

Background We assessed prevalence, associated factors and prognosis of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae pneumonia acquired in intensive care unit (ESBL-PE pneumonia) among carriers. Variables associated with nosocomial pneumonia caused by carbapenem-resistant bacteria (CRB) were also assessed. Methods A 6-year prospective study (May 2009–March 2015...

Data-driving methods: More than merely trendy buzzwords?

6 Eric Azabou 5 Guillaume Monneret 10 Frédéric Pène 9 Nicolas de Prost‑ 0 3 Stein Silva 11 SRLF) 0 Service de Réanimation Médicale, Hôpital Henri Mondor , 51, Avenue du Maréchal de

Clinical features and outcome of patients with acute respiratory failure revealing anti-synthetase or anti-MDA-5 dermato-pulmonary syndrome: a French multicenter retrospective study

BackgroundAnti-synthetase (AS) and dermato-pulmonary associated with anti-MDA-5 antibodies (aMDA-5) syndromes are near one of the other autoimmune inflammatory myopathies potentially responsible for severe acute interstitial lung disease. We undertook a 13-year retrospective multicenter study in 35 French ICUs in order to describe the clinical presentation and the outcome of...

Etiologies, diagnostic work-up and outcomes of acute respiratory distress syndrome with no common risk factor: a prospective multicenter study

] was established to improve the *Correspondence:‑ †Nicolas de Prost and Tài Pham contributed equally to this work 13 Service de Réanimation Médicale, Hôpital Henri Mondor, 51, Avenue du

Septic shock with no diagnosis at 24 hours: a pragmatic multicenter prospective cohort study

Background The lack of a patent source of infection after 24 hours of management of shock considered septic is a common and disturbing scenario. We aimed to determine the prevalence and the causes of shock with no diagnosis 24 hours after its onset, and to compare the outcomes of patients with early-confirmed septic shock to those of others. Methods We conducted a pragmatic...

New-onset supraventricular arrhythmia during septic shock: prevalence, risk factors and prognosis

Background The aims of this study were to prospectively assess the prevalence of sustained (lasting more than 30 s) new-onset supraventricular arrhythmia (NOSVA) during septic shock, identify the associated factors (including septic myocardial dysfunction), and evaluate its impact on hemodynamics and prognosis. Methods Patients with a diagnosis of septic shock were screened in a...

Unrevealing culture-negative severe sepsis

Sepsis involves a wide array of sources and microorganisms, only a fraction of which are microbiologically documented. Culture-negative sepsis poses special diagnostic challenges to both clinicians and microbiologists and further questions the validity of sepsis definitions.

Aspergillus-positive lower respiratory tract samples in patients with the acute respiratory distress syndrome: a 10-year retrospective study

Background The detection of Aspergillus spp. in endotracheal aspirate cultures of mechanically ventilated patients may reflect either colonization or infection. However, little is known about the prevalence and the impact on outcome of respiratory tract sample positive for Aspergillus during the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Methods We conducted a monocentric...

Ventilator-induced lung injury: historical perspectives and clinical implications

Nicolas de Prost Jean-Damien Ricard Georges Saumon Didier Dreyfuss Mechanical ventilation can produce lung physiological and morphological alterations termed ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI

Modeling 18F-FDG Kinetics during Acute Lung Injury: Experimental Data and Estimation Errors

Background There is increasing interest in Positron Emission Tomography (PET) of 2-deoxy-2-[18F]flouro-D-glucose (18F-FDG) to evaluate pulmonary inflammation during acute lung injury (ALI). We assessed the effect of extra-vascular lung water on estimates of 18F-FDG-kinetics parameters in experimental and simulated data using the Patlak and Sokoloff methods, and our recently...

Effects of ventilation strategy on distribution of lung inflammatory cell activity

Introduction Leukocyte infiltration is central to the development of acute lung injury, but it is not known how mechanical ventilation strategy alters the distribution or activation of inflammatory cells. We explored how protective (vs. injurious) ventilation alters the magnitude and distribution of lung leukocyte activation following systemic endotoxin administration. Methods...

Comparison of two strategies for initiating renal replacement therapy in the intensive care unit: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (AKIKI)

Mayaux Marina Thirion Philippe Markowicz Guillemette Thomas Jean Dellamonica Jack Richecoeur Michael Darmon Nicolas de Prost Hodane Yonis Bruno Megarbane Yann Loubires Clarisse Blayau Julien Maizel

French Intensive Care Society, International congress – Réanimation 2016

, Christian Brun-Buisson, Nicolas de Prost O35 Respective contribution of diaphragm and limbs muscles weakness on weaning from mechanical ventilation outcome Alexandre Demoule, Bruno-Pierre Dubé, Julien Mayaux