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Adsorption of Pb2+ by ameliorated alum plasma in water and soil

). (TIF) S1 Table. The raw data in Figs 1?3. (XLS) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Ningyu Li, Bin Guo, Hua Li. Data curation: Qinglin Fu, Bin Guo, Yongzhen Ding. Formal analysis: Hua Li ... . Methodology: Chen Liu. Software: Chen Liu. Writing ? original draft: Ningyu Li. Writing ? review & editing: Ningyu Li, Qinglin Fu, Yongzhen Ding. 13 / 14 1. Mitch ML . Phytoextraction of toxic metals: a

Numerical study on the hydrodynamics of thunniform bio-inspired swimming under self-propulsion

Numerical simulations are employed to study the hydrodynamics of self-propelled thunniform swimming. The swimmer is modeled as a tuna-like flexible body undulating with kinematics of thunniform type. The wake evolution follows the vortex structures arranged nearly vertical to the forward direction, vortex dipole formation resulting in the propulsion motion, and finally a reverse...

Fluid Dynamics of Biomimetic Pectoral Fin Propulsion Using Immersed Boundary Method

Numerical simulations are carried out to study the fluid dynamics of a complex-shaped low-aspect-ratio pectoral fin that performs the labriform swimming. Simulations of flow around the fin are achieved by a developed immersed boundary (IB) method, in which we have proposed an efficient local flow reconstruction algorithm with enough robustness and a new numerical strategy with...