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Mechanisms and kinetic model of hydrogen production in the hydrothermal treatment of waste aluminum

The hydrothermal reaction of water and aluminum materials was investigated as a method for hydrogen production using geothermal heat or wasted heat from industrial activities. Hydrogen was produced using pure aluminum powder at the observed temperature range of 230–340 °C and under corresponding saturated vapor pressure, and hydrogen production increased significantly with...

Stress buildup and drop in inland shallow crust caused by the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake events

• Google Scholar Search for Noriaki Watanabe in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Contributions K.S. conducted overall study design. K.S., T.Y. and N.W. conducted the experiments and

Wilson punctured network defects in 2D q-deformed Yang-Mills theory

In the context of class S theories and 4D/2D duality relations there, we discuss the skein relations of general topological defects on the 2D side which are expected to be counterparts of composite surface-line operators in 4D class S theory. Such defects are geometrically interpreted as networks in a three dimensional space. We also propose a conjectural computational procedure...

On skein relations in class S theories

Loop operators of a class S theory arise from networks on the corresponding Riemann surface, and their operator product expansions are given in terms of the skein relations, that we describe in detail in the case of class S theories of type A. As two applications, we explicitly determine networks corresponding to dyonic loops of \( \mathcal{N}=4\;\mathrm{S}\mathrm{U}(3) \) super...