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13ª Contribuição ao estudo dos Flebotomus (Diptera: Psychodidae): Flebotomus (Brumptomyia) travassosi Mangabeira, 1942

The A. describes the life history of Flebotomus (Brumptomyia) travassosi Mangabeira, 1942. The paper deals with the morphology of the eggs, the larvae in all stages, the pupae and the female. Also gives the differences between the 3 known species of that subgenus (avellari, travassosi and guimarãisi) pointing out the characters in common, principally the presence of only two...

7ª Contribuição ao estudo dos Flebotomus (Diptera: Psychodidae): descrição dos machos de 24 novas espécies

The A. and his co-workers captured in trips in the hinterland of Brazil more tham 17.000 flebotomi from which 35 are new ones, 11 discribed by, him in previous papers. The A. found these insects in groups of species living in different habitats, some ones of them not yet known: ondoors, or outdoors attracted by light or animal baits, without Shannon’s trap, in great or small...