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Ensaios de Mycologia

Morphologically the fungus reminds one of the Microsporum species of man. The microscopic elements are: the shape of the mycelia within the hairs, size and disposition of spores intercalar and terminal chlamydospores, simple clusters, hyphae, pectinate and denticulate elements. Of the 17 species of Microsporum described up to now, none can be identified with Microsporum...

Contribuição ao conhecimento da melhor terapêutica curativa do tifo exantemático no Brasil (doenca de Piza, Meyer e Gomes)

The author states that, for about 18 years, he has attempted the therapeutica of Neotropic Exanthematic typhus in many years with no appreciable result. Now, however, he thinks the question is solved by the proper use of Terramycine. Before this antibiotic appeared he advised Aureomy of Terramycine. Before this antibiotic appeared he advised Aureomycine and Chloromicetine. He...