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Joint association between body fat and its distribution with all-cause mortality: A data linkage cohort study based on NHANES (1988-2011)

, Odewumi Adegbija, Jie Hu, Jun Ma, Ying-Hua Ma. Project administration: Bin Dong, Zhiqiang Wang, Jun Ma, Ying-Hua Ma. Resources: Yang Peng, Zhiqiang Wang, Odewumi Adegbija, Jie Hu, Jun Ma, Ying-Hua Ma ... . Software: Zhiqiang Wang. Supervision: Zhiqiang Wang, Jun Ma, Ying-Hua Ma. Validation: Bin Dong, Yang Peng, Zhiqiang Wang, Odewumi Adegbija, Jie Hu, Jun Ma, Ying Hua Ma. Visualization: Bin Dong, Yang Peng

Life’s Simple 7 and ischemic heart disease in the general Australian population

. Investigation: Jie Hu, Odewumi Adegbija. Methodology: Yang Peng, Bin Dong. Project administration: Zhiqiang Wang, Bin Dong. Resources: Yang Peng. Software: Yang Peng, Sifan Cao. Supervision: Zhiqiang Wang ... , Bin Dong. Validation: Bin Dong. Visualization: Bin Dong, Sifan Cao. Writing ± original draft: Yang Peng. Writing ± review & editing: Zhiqiang Wang, Bin Dong, Sifan Cao, Jie Hu, Odewumi Adegbija. 7

Predicting Absolute Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Using Age and Waist Circumference Values in an Aboriginal Australian Community

Objectives To predict in an Australian Aboriginal community, the 10-year absolute risk of type 2 diabetes associated with waist circumference and age on baseline examination. Method A sample of 803 diabetes-free adults (82.3% of the age-eligible population) from baseline data of participants collected from 1992 to 1998 were followed-up for up to 20 years till 2012. The Cox...

Prediction of cardiovascular disease risk using waist circumference among Aboriginals in a remote Australian community

Background Elevated waist circumference (WC) is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Aboriginals in Australia are at higher risk of CVD compared to non-Aboriginals. We examined the association between waist circumference and CVD, and developed a model for projecting absolute risk of cardiovascular disease using WC and age in one high risk Australian...