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Fractionation of sulfur (S) in beech (Fagus sylvatica) forest soils in relation to distance from the stem base as useful tool for modeling S biogeochemistry

The investigation of the fractionation of S compounds in forest soils is a powerful tool for interpreting S dynamics and S biogeochemistry in forest ecosystems. Beech stands on high pH (nutrient-rich) sites on Flysch and on low pH (nutrient-poor) sites on Molasse were selected for testing the influence of stemflow, which represents a high input of water and dissolved elements to...

Diffusive gradients in thin films measurement of sulfur stable isotope variations in labile soil sulfate

A diffusive gradient in thin films (DGT) technique, based on a strongly basic anion exchange resin (Amberlite IRA-400), was successfully tested for 34S/32S analysis in labile soil sulfate. Separation of matrix elements (Na, K, and Ca) that potentially cause non-spectral interferences in 34S/32S analysis by MC ICP-MS (multi-collector inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry...

MC ICP-MS δ 34SVCDT measurement of dissolved sulfate in environmental aqueous samples after matrix separation by means of an anion exchange membrane

Analysis of 34S/32S of sulfate in rainwater and soil solutions can be seen as a powerful tool for the study of the sulfur cycle. Therefore, it is considered as a useful means, e.g., for amelioration and calibration of ecological or biogeochemical models. Due to several analytical limitations, mainly caused by low sulfate concentration in rainwater, complex matrix of soil...

Novel diffusive gradients in thin films technique to assess labile sulfate in soil

- Ondrej Hanousek and Sean Mason contributed equally to this work. Introduction Sulfur (S) is a plant macronutrient as part of e.g. amino acids, proteins, and coenzymes. It is involved in the plant