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A single-server queue with batch arrivals and semi-Markov services

Onno J. Boxma 0 1 0 Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics, University of Amsterdam , Amsterdam , The Netherlands 1 Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Eindhoven University of ... state. For completeness, we give the steady-state mean queue lengths for the four systems below: Distribution Acknowledgements The research of Abhishek and Onno J. Boxma is partly funded by NWO

Queue-length balance equations in multiclass multiserver queues and their generalizations

A classical result for the steady-state queue-length distribution of single-class queueing systems is the following: The distribution of the queue length just before an arrival epoch equals the distribution of the queue length just after a departure epoch. The constraint for this result to be valid is that arrivals, and also service completions, with probability one occur...

On the scalability and message count of Trickle-based broadcasting schemes

As the use of wireless sensor networks increases, the need for efficient and reliable broadcasting algorithms grows. Ideally, a broadcasting algorithm should have the ability to quickly disseminate data, while keeping the number of transmissions low. In this paper, we analyze the popular Trickle algorithm, which has been proposed as a suitable communication protocol for code...

On open problems in polling systems

In the present paper we address two open problems concerning polling systems, viz., queueing systems consisting of multiple queues attended by a single server that visits the queues one at a time. The first open problem deals with a system consisting of two queues, one of which has gated service, while the other receives 1-limited service. The second open problem concerns polling...

A Two-Queue Polling Model with Two Priority Levels in the First Queue

Marko A. A. Boon Ivo J. B. F. Adan Onno J. Boxma In this paper we consider a single-server cyclic polling system consisting of two queues. Between visits to successive queues, the server is ... and in the performance evaluation of communication, production and warehousing systems. Onno J. Boxma (1952; Ph.D. Utrecht, 1977) holds the chair of Stochastic Operations Research in Eindhoven