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Catálogo sistemático dos pólens das plantas arbóreas do brasil meridional: V - Leguminosae: Papilionatae

In this paper of the catalogue of south brazilian arboreal pollen grains, the autor deals with the Papilionatae. The Mimosoideae and Caesalpinioideae are yet in preparation, so that a discussion of the three subfamilies (or families) is not possible. In relation with the systematical subdivision of the Papilionatae, we found a large correspondence with the morphology of the...

Recursos tróficos de Apis mellifera L. (Hymenoptera, Apidae) na região de Morro Azul do Tinguá, Estado do Rio de Janeiro

The original vegetation in the Morro Azul mountain region, northwest of Rio de Janeiro city, was the Atlantic tropical rain forest. Anthropic activities transformed the vegetation into pastureland and patches of the original forest. In addition, there are reforested areas of Pinus, Eucalyptus and others of non native plant species. The aim of the present research was to estimate...

Catálogo sistemático dos pólens das plantas arbóreas do Brasil meridional: I - Magnoliaceae, Annonaceae, Lauraceae e Myristicaceae

In this publication, we begin the composition of a catalogue of arboreal pollens of the south regions of Brazil, which will serve for a posterior study of the humus formations of Brazil. The sequence of the families corresponds on the phylogeny of the families of plants; for this reason we begin with the polycarpicae, especially with the families magnoliaceae s. lat., Lauraceae...