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Genetic variability is preserved among strongly differentiated and geographically diverse almond germplasm: an assessment by simple sequence repeat markers

original concept, performed part of the PCRs and data evaluation, and drafted the manuscript. Gábor M. Galiba participated in wet lab work. István Skola, Ossama Kodad, Sezai Ercisli, and Craig A. Ledbetter ... . Ossama Kodad and Attila Hegedűs wrote parts of the paper and carefully revised the manuscript. Funding information This research was supported by the Higher Education Institutional Excellence Program (1783

Self-(in)compatibility genotypes of Moroccan apricots indicate differences and similarities in the crop history of European and North African apricot germplasm

Background Allelic diversity of the S-locus is attributed to the genetic relationships among genotypes and sexual reproduction strategy. In otherwise self-incompatible Prunus species, the emergence of loss-of-function in S-haplotypes has resulted in self-compatibility. This information may allow following major stages of crop history. The genetic diversity in the S-locus of local...