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Brief Announcement: Exact Size Counting in Uniform Population Protocols in Nearly Logarithmic Time

-1619343. OM, PS, MT: EEE/CS initiative NeST. MT: Leverhulme Research Centre for Functional Materials Design 3 David Doty Department of Computer Science, University of California , Davis , USA 4 Othon ... Michail Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool , UK 5 Mahsa Eftekhari Department of Computer Science, University of California , Davis , USA We study population protocols: networks of

Temporal Network Optimization Subject to Connectivity Constraints

In this work we consider temporal networks, i.e. networks defined by a labeling \(\lambda \) assigning to each edge of an underlying graph G a set of discrete time-labels. The labels of an edge, which are natural numbers, indicate the discrete time moments at which the edge is available. We focus on path problems of temporal networks. In particular, we consider time-respecting...

Terminating distributed construction of shapes and patterns in a fair solution of automata

In this work, we consider a solution of automata (or nodes) that move passively in a well-mixed solution without being capable of controlling their movement. Nodes can cooperate by interacting in pairs and every such interaction may result in an update of their local states. Additionally, the nodes may also choose to connect to each other in order to start forming some required...

How many cooks spoil the soup?

In this work, we study the following basic question: “How much parallelism does a distributed task permit?” Our definition of parallelism (or symmetry) here is not in terms of speed, but in terms of identical roles that processes have at the same time in the execution. For example, we may ask: “Can a given task be solved by a protocol that always has at least two processes in the...

On the Transformation Capability of Feasible Mechanisms for Programmable Matter

chromatic polydiacetylene/silica nanocomposites . Nature , 410 ( 6831 ): 913 - 917 , 2001 . Othon Michail and Paul G. Spirakis . Simple and efficient local codes for distributed stable network construction ... . Distributed Computing , 29 ( 3 ): 207 - 237 , 2016 . doi:10.1007/ s00446- 015 - 0257 -4. Othon Michail and Paul G. Spirakis . Elements of the theory of dynamic networks . Communications of the ACM , 2017