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Lineage-specific late pleistocene expansion of an endemic subtropical gossamer-wing damselfly, Euphaea formosa, in Taiwan

Background Pleistocene glacial oscillations have significantly affected the historical population dynamics of temperate taxa. However, the general effects of recent climatic changes on the evolutionary history and genetic structure of extant subtropical species remain poorly understood. In the present study, phylogeographic and historical demographic analyses based on...

Network-driven plasma proteomics expose molecular changes in the Alzheimer’s brain

Vardarajan 8 Ruo-Pan Huang 6 7 Elizabeth D. Kirby 0 Rachelle Abbey 0 Bradley F. Boeve 5 Adam L. Boxer 10 Lindsay A. Farrer 8 9 NiCole Finch 4 Neill R. Graff-Radford Elizabeth Head Matan Hofree Ruochun Huang 6