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Improved Dynamic Geodesic Nearest Neighbor Searching in a Simple Polygon

University , Aarhus , Denmark 2 Pankaj K. Agarwal 3 Dept. of Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University , Utrecht , The Netherlands We present an efficient dynamic data structure that supports ... K. Agarwal and Ji?? Matou?ek . Dynamic Half-Space Range Reporting and its Applications . Algorithmica, 13 ( 4 ): 325 - 345 , 1995 . Pankaj Agarwal K. , Lars Arge , and Frank Staals . Improved dynamic

Computing Shortest Paths in the Plane with Removable Obstacles

We consider the problem of computing a Euclidean shortest path in the presence of removable obstacles in the plane. In particular, we have a collection of pairwise-disjoint polygonal obstacles, each of which may be removed at some cost c_i > 0. Given a cost budget C > 0, and a pair of points s, t, which obstacles should be removed to minimize the path length from s to t in the...

Efficient Algorithms for k-Regret Minimizing Sets

A regret minimizing set Q is a small size representation of a much larger database P so that user queries executed on Q return answers whose scores are not much worse than those on the full dataset. In particular, a k-regret minimizing set has the property that the regret ratio between the score of the top-1 item in Q and the score of the top-k item in P is minimized, where the...

An Efficient Algorithm for Placing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

- 793 , 2010 . Pankaj K Agarwal and Jiangwei Pan. Near-linear algorithms for geometric hitting sets and set covers . In Proc. 30th Annual Symp . Comput. Geo., page 271 , 2014 . Boris Aronov , Esther Ezra

Approximating Dynamic Time Warping and Edit Distance for a Pair of Point Sequences

We present the first subquadratic algorithms for computing similarity between a pair of point sequences in R^d, for any fixed d > 1, using dynamic time warping (DTW) and edit distance, assuming that the point sequences are drawn from certain natural families of curves. In particular, our algorithms compute (1 + eps)-approximations of DTW and ED in near-linear time for point...

Maintaining Contour Trees of Dynamic Terrains

. In J?rg-R?diger Sack and Jorge Urrutia , editors, Handbook of Computational Geometry , pages 1 - 47 . Elsevier Science Publishers, 2000 . Pankaj K. Agarwal , Lars Arge, and Ke Yi . I/O-efficient

Robust Shape Fitting via Peeling and Grating Coresets

Let P be a set of n points in ℝ d . A subset \(\mathcal {S}\) of P is called a (k,ε)-kernel if for every direction, the directional width of \(\mathcal {S}\) ε-approximates that of P, when k “outliers” can be ignored in that direction. We show that a (k,ε)-kernel of P of size O(k/ε (d−1)/2) can be computed in time O(n+k 2/ε d−1). The new algorithm works by repeatedly “peeling...