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Patients who leave Emergency Department without being seen or during treatment in the Lazio Region (Central Italy): Determinants and short term outcomes

Colais, Claudia Galassi, Marina Davoli, Danilo Fusco. Data curation: Francesca Mataloni. Formal analysis: Francesca Mataloni, Paola Colais. Methodology: Francesca Mataloni, Paola Colais, Danilo Fusco ... . Supervision: Paola Colais, Claudia Galassi, Marina Davoli, Danilo Fusco. Writing ? original draft: Francesca Mataloni. Writing ? review & editing: Paola Colais, Claudia Galassi, Marina Davoli, Danilo Fusco

Regional Outcome Evaluation Program (P.Re.Val.E.): Reduction of inequality in access to effective health care in the Lazio region of Italy (2012–2015)

). (DOCX) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Martina Ventura, Danilo Fusco, Paola Colais, Marina Davoli. Data curation: Martina Ventura, Katia Bontempi, Paola Colais. Formal analysis: Martina Ventura ... , Katia Bontempi, Paola Colais. Methodology: Martina Ventura, Danilo Fusco, Paola Colais. Project administration: Danilo Fusco, Marina Davoli. Software: Martina Ventura, Katia Bontempi. Supervision

The effect of early surgery after hip fracture on 1-year mortality

Background Hip fracture injuries are identified as one of the most serious healthcare problems affecting older people. Many studies have explored the associations among patient characteristics, treatment processes, time to surgery and various outcomes in patients hospitalized for hip fracture. The objective of the present study is to evaluate the difference in 1-year mortality...

Using clinical variables and drug prescription data to control for confounding in outcome comparisons between hospitals

Background Hospital discharge records are an essential source of information when comparing health outcomes among hospitals; however, they contain limited information on acute clinical conditions. Doubts remain as to whether the addition of clinical and drug consumption information would improve the prediction of health outcomes and reduce confounding in inter-hospital...

Differential misclassification of confounders in comparative evaluation of hospital care quality: caesarean sections in Italy

Background Despite extensive studies on exposure and disease misclassification, few studies have investigated misclassification of confounders. This study aimed to identify differentially misclassified confounders in a comparative evaluation of hospital care quality and to quantify their impact on hospital-specific risk-adjusted estimates, focusing on the appropriateness of...

The impact of a pay-for-performance system on timing to hip fracture surgery: experience from the Lazio Region (Italy)

Background A tariff modulation mechanisms has been introduced in some Italian regions with the aim of reducing inappropriate admissions and improving quality of care. In response to a regional act, hospitals in Lazio adopted a clinical pathway for elderly patients with hip fracture and introduced a compensation system based on the quality of health care, as in a pay-for...

Prevalence of multiple sclerosis in the Lazio region, Italy: use of an algorithm based on health information systems

differences as in the case of other chronic diseases [ 38 ]. Acknowledgments Multiple Sclerosis Study Group, Lazio Region: Nera Agabiti, Anna Maria Bargagli, Silvia Cascini, Paola Colais, Marina Davoli

Risk adjustment models for interhospital comparison of CS rates using Robson’s ten group classification system and other socio-demographic and clinical variables

Background Caesarean section (CS) rate is a quality of health care indicator frequently used at national and international level. The aim of this study was to assess whether adjustment for Robson’s Ten Group Classification System (TGCS), and clinical and socio-demographic variables of the mother and the fetus is necessary for inter-hospital comparisons of CS rates. Methods The...

Effects of socioeconomic position on 30-day mortality and wait for surgery after hip fracture

Objective In countries where the National Health Service provides universal health coverage, socioeconomic position should not influence the quality of health care. We examined whether socioeconomic position plays a role in short-term mortality and waiting time for surgery after hip fracture. Design Retrospective cohort study. Settings and participants From the Hospital...

Hepatic and extra-hepatic sequelae, and prevalence of viral hepatitis C infection estimated from routine data in at-risk groups

Background Concerns about the hepatitis C virus (HCV) are due to the high risk of chronic liver disease and poor treatment efficacy. Synthesizing evidence from multiple data sources is becoming widely used to estimate HCV-infection prevalence. This paper aims to estimate the prevalence of HCV infection, and the hepatic and extrahepatic sequelae in at-risk groups, using routinely...